WOW – what a year!

Greetings Yogi’s! What a busy year this has been. I’m winding down on my 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training via Innercityoga and what an eye opener this has been. Being a good teacher means always being a great student and realizing that the education is never finished. There is always more to learn, discover and explore.

I used to rely on my own natural flexibility and athleticism and hang out in the poses and think, “yeah, I can do all that”. What I have learned is that every day, every single downward dog feels completely different in your body. I have come to discover that you can spend an infinite amount of time exploring and discovering a pose. I’ve also learned to slow it way down and truly work every single pose, engaging every single muscle and flirting with my edge. Never busting through it anymore like I used to do – I have been called a Bull in a China Shop on many occasions. In fact, I am pretty sure that phrase was used in more than one performance appraisal….

I have seen firsthand that Yoga helps uncover our patterns – some we know and others we are not aware of. Over time we can see improvements in these patterns, once we become aware of them, observe and work on them. Yoga can help reprogram our neuromuscular patterns to improve our mobility and movement. One of my recent classes that has been surprisingly popular was on  the feet. I’ve been having my students work on the mobility of their toes, strengthening their arches and feet. As their feet get stronger, they  noticed that some of their knee pain has been improving.

Check out my schedule of classes to find out where I am teaching. If those times or locations are not convenient – drop me a note from the contact page and let me know. My schedule is flexible and we can work something out.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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