Yoga in the month of January

Greetings and welcome back! Happy 2017!

I started my first week back teaching after a lovely break of 2 weeks during the end of the year. January is a month of beginnings, endings and transitions. In the early part of January we continue to wind down from the past year, shedding those things that we no longer need and organizing for the year ahead. Most people and corporations tend to operate in high gear during December but nature’s rhythms are slowing down, cocooning, and rejuvenating. As we are nature’s creatures we too desire to slow down, hibernate, and  regenerate for the upcoming year, but sometimes our  circumstances may not allow it.

Now that we move into this part of the year, our yoga practice reflects this as well. Listening to what the body needs, never pushing too far or too fast, we move to awaken the body. As we do when we are waking up in the morning: we open our eyes, stretch, remember where we are, who we are depending on if we were in a really deep sleep, and then we get out of bed. We slowly move the whole body. We don’t just jump out of bed and start vacuuming, we move slowly and deliberately.

This month’s asana practice will focus on these principles: Slow and deliberate movement, our roots: feet, legs and hips, and twists to wring out the sleepies and all the lovely food and beverages we consumed over the festive season. We connect the dots of our body: grounding from the feet to the legs, to the hips, to the torso and up to the head. Awakening, stretching, and strengthening. Just like all of nature’s creatures, we are getting ready for the year ahead.

Come join me for class this year in Geneva or in Villars-sur-Glâne for this continued exploration.

Tune in next month where we focus on finding steadiness in our practice with the spine, core, and balance postures.



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