Yoga in the month of March

Yoga in the month of March

purple orchids - exotic

Here we are at the end of March and I am finally posting this. I have had much going on in trying to secure my own space which will be up and running in mid-April. Yay!

Nevertheless, I have thoroughly enjoyed the teachings and explorations of March’s theme: Shoulders-in all their glory! The relationship between the shoulders and the spine have been an amazing journey.

Being a visual person, I like to picture the shoulders as the cap of a water bottle. Holding everything in, keeping it level and being strong to shoulder the weight of our daily lives. If the shoulders are like the cap of the water bottle, then your spine is the bottle itself. Going farther down – the hips are the base of the water bottle.

The relationship between the shoulders and the spine is symbiotic and any lack of mobility in one affects the other. Lack of mobility in the shoulders shows up in the spine, and vice versa. During my own practice and teaching, we discovered this relationship, explored it, strengthened it and moved through it til we were upside down in handstands.

Come join me for class in Fribourg, Lausanne, or Geneva for this continued exploration.

Tune in during the month of April we explore mindful movement and the bottom half of the water bottle: the hips and their relationship to the spine.

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