Yoga in the month of June – The aesthetics of a pose

This month classes have been focused on moving with the breath. Most of us find it hard to breath with the postures as we tend to want to move faster than where our breath is. The practice slows way down as we synchronize movement with breath. Creating classes that really focus on this got me thinking about how a pose feels when we are doing it.

The aesthetics of the pose is irrelevant. If you can do a forward bend and lay your body right across the tops of your legs do you think you are done? Do you wait for the next pose, or are you using this pose to move your awareness through the body to see what parts are awake or asleep?

If you can do a beautiful downward facing dog, are you exploring the pose to wake up all the muscles of the spine? The hamstrings? The inner thighs? Are you exploring how you can create space between the tops of the thigh bones and the pelvis? Or do you think you are done because you can “do” the pose? Let’s reverse the question and ask, are you observing the impact that the pose is having on your body? Every time we move into a posture – it’s different-even in the same practice!

Are you actively working the breath into every movement, every posture, every muscle? What parts of your body feel weak? Are you moving past that into the strong muscles that do the work – or are you exploring how to wake up and engage your “weaker” muscles?

I like to think that yoga or any mindful movement takes something away from you: tension, tightness, blockages. It removes these items so that awareness, energy, fluids, blood can flow more freely. As this process unfolds and since your body is a reflection of your mind patterns, do you find that the changes happen there too?

Enjoy this exploration!

Til next month – Jenn

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