My teaching style

First and foremost, I am an athlete. Not in the sense that I have played a professional sport, but as someone who has pursued many different athletic adventures. Because of my adventures I suffered from a myriad of injuries. Broken bones, hip surgery, soft tissue injuries and lax ligaments eventually became a wakeup call to me that my old approach to exercise was causing more harm than good. However, I refuse to stop exercising as this is too much a part of who I am.

My exploration of healing for these injuries made me realize that there were many others out there like me, people who wanted to remain active and actively manage their fitness, but due to injuries, chronic illness or degenerative diseases did not know where or how to begin.

These are the people that I want to reach and encourage to come to my classes.

I structure my classes to continuously challenge my clients. A focus for the class is set at the beginning such as backbends, hip stability or my personal favorite of bringing awareness into parts of the body that we are not aware of.

Classes begin with breathwork to calm the mind chatter and bring the focus inside. This is followed by core work to enliven the muscles supporting the spine and hips. From there the class branches out into an infinite array of movement, postures, strength, balance and flexibility exercises. And all this is done while considering the student’s injuries or issues.

Still have questions? Write to me at jennp_yoga(@) or drop me a note from the class registration page.


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