When do you check out?



What things in your day to day life cause you to check out or cave in?

Welcome 2018 and my first post this year. I have been spending some time integrating other exercises into my daily practice. I’ve been following a strength training program (following the Starting Strength protocol), the SMM Simplistic Mobility Method from Tom Morrison along with my usual Forrest Yoga classes. It’s quite a jam-packed routine – but it has provided a playground for me; improving my understanding of how the body works and how I can be a better teacher. It enables me to ask the right questions.

Many years ago, when I was a new software developer I had a boss that didn’t believe in sending people on trainings right away. His attitude was always: “Here’s the software. Install it. Break it. Fix it. And then I will send you on training because you will know the right questions to ask”.  Very wise man Mitch was.  His words have stayed with me as his lesson wasn’t just technology specific. It can be applied to anything in your life.

I believe in incorporating many different types of movements-not just yoga poses into my practice so that my body can adapt to the different loaded positions. Your body wants to move. It craves it.

Yesterday I was doing some pull up progressions (thanks Tom Morrison for that beauty- YouTube link here) and then some banded pull ups. My arms and chest were already exhausted from the other lifts and while I was completing the last set, my muscles were on fire and I wanted to stop. I wanted to give up. I wanted to feel anything else but the burning that I was feeling.

This time, I stayed in the moment, stayed in the movement and slowly (oh soooo slowly) got my chin up over the bar. This is the beauty of yoga – it gives me a 7 second delay to make the decision: stay in the moment or check out. It’s taken me years of practice to get to this realization. Even if I had not been able to complete the exercise – being able to stay with a moment instead of trying to distract myself from what I was feeling is powerful and empowering.

And this leads me to my question: what else do I check out on during my day to day life because it is uncomfortable or hard? I don’t think this means I must be happy to sit on a plane with kids screaming all around. But if I must do something that is hard, like give a presentation or have a difficult conversation – I now know that I can be present with it and get through it in a way that I don’t think I was able to before. It’s quite cool that learning to be with your body while doing a hard exercise transfers over to how you handle things in life. Like how you handle it when someone is sitting next to you on a train and talking too loudly on their phone. 😊

So – ask yourself: what things in your day to day life cause you to check out or cave in?

See you next time.



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