Dog Bites and Yoga


Greetings All –

The theme for the classes for the upcoming weeks will be “hands free” as I have temporarily lost use of my right hand. I recently had an encounter with a dog bite that turned into an infection that landed me in the hospital. Everything turned out fine, but my hand will be immobilized for 10 days. We are in day 4.

So, how do you practice yoga with only one hand? You modify! Unfortunately, I have had to postpone my parallette’s training but am still doing exercises to work the arm and shoulder.


What’s interesting is having to use my left hand for everything and surprisingly, it has not been too bad. I credit yoga for this because in my personal practice, I challenge my habits and movement patterns constantly. One of the ways I do it is by starting a sequence on the side that is the opposite of what I would normally do. I also notice if the movement pattern uses the same muscles as the other side. Even outside my practice, I change the order of things. If you put your pants on your left leg first, switch and do the right and while you do this, notice if your body moves differently to accommodate the task. What foot climbs the stairs first? Change it. What side of your body do you carry your bag on? Switch it. These are small changes, but overtime it engraves a functional movement pattern in your nervous system and your muscles which is why changing sides for a task initially feels unnatural. These are positive changes and it gives your body the strength it needs for when you need it.

My father used to say about teeth that if I ignored them they would go away. It creeped me out so much that I never forgot to brush them. But the beauty of that statement is that it can be applied to almost everything. My hand has been immobilized for 4 days, but after day 2, I noticed a different in my non-bitten fingers and wrist. Stiffness, soreness and a noticeable mobility loss. I know it will come back quickly but it showed me my father’s quote: ignore it and it goes away. Don’t move it and you lose it. You don’t need to be an Olympic weight lifter, Crossfitter, advanced Yogi, or a runner but you do need to move your body. A lot. It is designed to move. And not just the same movement patterns that you always do – switch it up.

Wanna come and play with movement with me? Drop me a note and sign up for a class.

Til next time-

Move Every Day


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