Certified registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance – 500 hours RYT completed 2017 at Innercityoga in Geneva, Switzerland.


Reiki Master/Teacher

I graduated from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, IL with a bachelor of science in Computer Science and Mathematics in 1996. I worked in several industries as a software engineer before relocating to Switzerland in 2001. After several more years of application development I moved into technology management in the financial industry.  For 12 years, I continued to take over bigger global roles with increased responsibilities-and increased stress.

I have been an athlete my whole life, participating in many sports such as running, triathlons, power weight lifting, Crossfit and international rugby. Running was my true passion as it provided great stress relief and the ability to solve complicated problems while out on long runs. After retiring from rugby I decided to achieve a life goal of running a marathon for my 40th birthday in 2009. The training was a yearlong steady progression of increased mileage and at the same time pains in my hip and knee started to develop as well. Physical therapy provided little relief and I began to take yoga classes via videos.

Two years after successfully completing the marathon my running swiftly came to a halt due to increased hip pain resulting from a torn labrum and hip impingement of the soft tissue. The hip surgery was a success in correcting the structural issues however, the muscular imbalances and pain became a constant in my life. Running became very difficult.

My way of managing stress for many years was running. Having a demanding corporate job that required extensive traveling and long hours to cover multiple time zones, I found myself seeking alternative ways of exercising, managing the stress and healing the residual pain of my hip issues.  I focused on my yoga practice. In 2015, I took the plunge to deepen my study of yoga and completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training at Innercityoga in Geneva, Switzerland.

After the teacher training I increased my study of anatomy, movement and the effects of the postures. In addition I completed the 300 Hour Yoga teacher training (RYT) training in early 2017 earning my 500 RYT certification with Yoga Alliance. The education continues through self study and every additional workshop that I can get my hands on.

I am currently teaching at YogaNuba to provide lessons to English speakers in the Laupen/Bösingen area. My passion is creating classes that are accessible to everybody-especially those that are suffering from chronic illness or have injuries. I teach movement, strength, breathwork, and meditation to help people find comfort, strength, balance and flexibility in their bodies.

I hope to see you on the mat soon!